Welcome to the STOK Theatre

The STOK THEATRE was founded by Zbigniew Stok in 1970.
Since 1972 Stok directed and produced in his theatre together with his life’s partner Erica Hänssler. After the death of Zbigniew Stok in 1990, the theatre has been run by Erica Hänssler together with Peter Doppelfeld.
Personality instead of nailing one’s colours to the mast, not being in the right but finding the truth, is the creed of this theatre. The self-willed handwriting of Erica Hänssler’s own productions have given her 40 one-woman-shows a personal stamp.
The wide spectrum of guest performances gives known and not yet known artists a chance to show their abilities. The STOK THEATRE offers space to:
S = Soloists, T = Theatre-addicts, O = Originals and K = Kindred spirits.

It ist possible to rent the theatre for private parties. A special event that one will remember. In summer this vaulted cellar theatre is cool, and is well heated in winter. This historical wine cellar, now a theatre, must be the natural framework for festivities. The STOK THEATRE is situated in the heart of Zürich, and as an insider tip gives your event a special note.
Many thanks ! See you in this Theatre !
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(Trad. H. Levy)