Zwei Konzerte: Montag 18. Oktober
Beginn: 20.00 Uhr
Reservation: ohne Reservation, Karten an der Abendkasse
Eintrittspreise: Kollekte
Abendkasse und Bar: eine Stunde vor Beginn
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„Infected Burst“
M. Gabola/T. DeTesta/E. Bernè
(Improvised Noise, Progressive Rap)
Infected Burst might, at first assumption, sound to some like something gross, puss, a pimple, a mess maybe. But- here’s what I think: The „burst“ is the expression itself, like socially conscious free jazz, the music BURSTS forth through the pain/complication (INFECTION) existing inside the artist. So— indeed, the Infected Burst is a very good metaphor for that sort of process of creative expression!
(Phillip B. Klingler aka PBK from PBKsound Radio, USA)

Hazard Crumbs
Abstral Compost & Pascal Lopinat
(Experimental Rap, Spoken Word, Poetry)
Born from the meeting between the drummer/multi-instrumentalist Pascal Lopinat and the rapper/poet AbSTRAL Compost; They bravery exploring the various possible imbrications between the voice, mainly scandalized, and the black, industrial rhythms which scatter their new disc. The two artists unveil here, in the most sincere form, this broken attraction for the strange, so singular, which unites them. The result is a rap tinged with love and cracklings, an incantatory poetry, sometimes voluntarily hazardous, and experimental productions with rough, surprising roughness; mirror of their respective particularly varied influences.

Andy Guhl
(Expanded Cinema, Everyday Cracked Electronics)
Andy Guhl (Zurich, 1952) is considered the father of everyday cracked electronics and audio/video hardware hacking and is undoubtedly one of the most influential artists of the last twenty years in the field of audiovisual experimentation.
Founder together with Norbert Moslang of the historical group Voice Crack, he has strongly influenced several generations of musicians and artists of the international underground and noise movement.
He began his career in 1972 with improvised free jazz; in 1983 he started to crack electronic materials used in everyday life, transformed into generators capable of producing new sounds from electromagnetic fields or radio waves through a complex system of control by light or movement.
He has participated in some of the most important international festivals (Densites, Biennale di Venezia, Rue du Nord, Sonic Protest, etc. …) and has collaborated with musicians such as Yan Jun, Jerome Noetinger, Otomo Yoshihide, Phil Minton, Borbetomagus, eRikm, Oren Ambarchi, Aspec (t),
etc. …
video: youtube
info: andy.guhl