Zürich Comedy Club „Close Encounters“

Première:  Dienstag 4. September
Weitere Vorstellungen: Mittwoch 5. bis Samstag 8. September
Beginn: 19.30 Uhr / Samstag 17.00 Uhr
Reservation:  www.ticketcorner.ch
Eintrittspreis: 29.-
Abendkasse und Bar: eine Stunde vor Beginn  Tel. 044 251 22 80
Weitere Informationen: www.zcc.ch


Three one-act-plays:

«Lunch Hour»
by John Mortimer
Surreal comedy, set in the 1960’s, about a young woman and an older man spending their lunch hour together in a hotel room. How did they manage it? Sex before marriage was still a great taboo and standards had to be kept!​

«One For The Road»
by Harold Pinter
A chilling study of power and powerlessness. Set in an unnamed totalitarian state, this play presents a violent, disturbing portrait of political horror in which an interrogator torments a tortured prisoner and his imprisoned wife and child

«Politics in the Park»
by Iain Heggie
Grassroots dialogue, wit and repartee: Two ladies sitting in a Glasgow park sort out their sisterly relationship in view of the latest develop-
ments in their lives: husbands and hobbies, sons and careers, childhood memories, jealousy and regret.